The literary world is vast, with countless works that deserve attention and fame. While bestsellers and classics often hog the spotlight, there are many hidden gems that have been overlooked by readers. In this informative article, we will briefly introduce you the 10 amazing books that may not have received the recognition they deserve. From Pulitzer Prize winners to gripping thrillers, these books offer captivating stories that will move, entertain, and intrigue you, and shed light on the vastness of the literary universe.

“Guard of Honor” by James Gould Cousins (1949)

Winner of the Pulitzer Prize and once popular for over 30 years, “Guard of Honor” is a significant work in the career of writer James Gould Cousins. anyhow, due to the passage of time and critical sabotage, this masterpiece has fallen into oblivion, overshadowed by other works.

“The List of Seven” by Mark Frost (1993)

Considered an intelligent, fast, and fun read by critics, “The List of Seven” is a mysterious book set in London in 1884. It features classic genre elements and includes famous writers and historical figures as characters in its intriguing story.

“Hunger” by Knut Hamsun (1890)

Narrated in the first person, “Hunger” depicts the vicious circle of a starving writer who cannot write because he’s hungry and cannot eat because writing is his source of income. Despite inspiring many books on similar subjects, “Hunger” has not received widespread recognition among readers.

“The Diary of a Mad Old Man” written by Junichiro Tanizaki (1961)

Described with dark humor, “The Diary of a Mad Old Man” tells the story of Mr. Utsugi, a 70-year-old man who, in the last days of his life, explores his sexual desires and fetishes for his daughter-in-law in exchange for money. This provocative book challenges societal norms and offers a unique perspective on human desires.

“12 Years a Slave” written by Solomon Northup (1853)

Although revived by its 2013 film adaptation, “12 Years a Slave” was originally published in 1853. It narrates the tale of Solomon Northup, a free Black man who was abducted and sold into slavery and had to conceal his identity and his ability to read and write in order to survive.. This heart-wrenching book offers a profound portrayal of the horrors of slavery in America.

“Strangers for Reckon and Number One” by David A. Robertson (2017)

Based on traditional stories of Indigenous people, “Strangers for Reckon and Number One” is the first novel in the “Reckoner” series by award-winning writer David Alexander Robertson. Despite its excellent writing and intriguing world-building, this fantasy and adventure book has been overshadowed by other popular books in the genre.

“Wake” by Elizabeth Knox (2013)

Full of adventure and adrenaline, “Wake” tells the story of a small group of people isolated from the world, surrounded by the dead, and attacked by an epidemic of mass madness. This terrifying and masterfully written book showcases the author’s vivid imagination and offers a gripping reading experience.

“Young Wizards” series by Diane Duane (1983-2018)

If you thought “Harry Potter” was the only book about young magicians, think again. Diane Duane has been writing the “Young Wizards” series since the 1980s, which follows the adventures of Nita and Kit, two children with magical powers. This series delves into not only fantastical creatures but also real-life challenges such as death, love, and sadness, offering a unique perspective on the world of young mag icians. The “Young Wizards” series by Diane Duane consists of 11 books, with the first book published in 1983 and the most recent book published in 2018. Here is a list of the remaining books in the series:

“The Door into Sunset” (1992):

 In this installment, Nita and Kit are once again drawn into a new adventure when they discover a mysterious world called “The Place” that holds the secrets to the origins of wizards and their powers.

“The Door into Starlight” (1996): 

In this book, Nita and Kit journey to an alien planet where they must confront a powerful and ancient evil that threatens not only the inhabitants of the planet, but also the entire universe.

“Interim Errantry: Three Tales of the Young Wizards” (2011): 

This is a collection of three novellas between the previous books’ events. The stories explore the challenges and adventures of Nita and Kit as they continue their magical training and face new threats.

The “Young Wizards” series by Diane Duane is known for its rich world-building, complex characters, and thought-provoking themes. It offers a unique and compelling perspective on the challenges and adventures of young wizards as they navigate the complexities of magic and life.

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