It is often assumed that large, ferocious, and strong creatures are the best hunters in the animal kingdom. However, appearances can be deceiving. Many small animals possess highly efficient hunting techniques that often go unnoticed due to their size or harmless appearance. In this brief article, we tell you the top 10 smallest predators in the animal kingdom.

1.Common Kingfisher

The common kingfisher is a bird with an almost perfect hunting technique. It has a long, sharp, and strong bill that it uses to catch fish. With its incredible vision, the kingfisher locates the fish while flying over the water and then dives in to catch it. It also covers its eyes with a membrane similar to protective glasses.

2.Short Tail True

Despite its small size, the short tail true is a formidable predator that can eat prey of its own size several times every day. It may not seem like a great threat due to its appearance, but it has a highly effective hunting technique. With its poisonous saliva, it paralyzes its prey in a single bite, keeping it alive for a few days to devour it little by little.

3.Permis Larvae

The permis larvae is a beetle larvae that becomes increasingly savage as an amphibian approaches it. With a deadly movement, it slowly kills the animal. These larvae have an appearance similar to that of a worm, which attracts frogs and toads. Once attached to their bodies, the larvae feed on them until they die, turning prey into predator.

4.Spider Wasp

The spider wasp is a very dangerous hunter that can eat prey larger than itself. With a powerful poison, it paralyzes its victims, drags them into their burrows, and sucks all of their insides until they die. It is undoubtedly a cruel way to hunt.

5.Stone Fish

The stone fish is camouflaged like a rock and is the most poisonous fish in the world. It can inject a strong poison through the spines on its body, causing unbearable pain, swelling, weakness, temporary paralysis, shock, and even death. Taking advantage of its appearance, it can quickly capture its prey as they swim in front of it.

6.Box Jellyfish

The box jellyfish is the most poisonous animal in the world, killing more people each year than sharks, crocodiles, and stone fish combined. Its poison directly attacks the heart, nervous system, and skin cells of its victim, causing death in many cases.

7.Army Ants

Believe it or not, one of the smallest insects in the world can be one of the best hunters. With over a million members crossing huge terrains, these nomadic, voracious, and violent ants advance with the objective of killing and feeding on prey such as insects, reptiles, birds, or even mammals.

8.Praying Mantis

The praying mantis is not only known for being eaten by the female after mating, but it is also a very cruel predator with an impressive hunting ability. The mantis can camouflage itself and stay still for a long time to catch its prey. It can catch insects in mid-flight and can also hunt mice, lizards, butterflies, frogs, snakes, and other animals that live in swamps and ponds.


Equipped with excellent vision and telescopic eyes, the dragonfly becomes an excellent predator from its small larvae stage. It can catch insects as small as mosquitoes in almost total absence of light. Its diet is diverse, including insects, spiders, tadpoles, fish, and even other dragonflies.


Spiders are known for being one of the most patient and voracious hunters in the animal kingdom , using a variety of skills that make them effective predators. While some spiders are extremely poisonous, using their fangs to attack or immobilize their prey, others rely on patience and complex traps woven with their webs to ambush their victims. Additionally, many spiders have exceptional vision, allowing them to detect their next victim from great distances. In fact, spiders are considered to be one of the top predators in the animal kingdom due to their hunting abilities.

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