If you’re into cryptocurrency mining, you know that staying ahead of the game demands keeping up with the newest hardware developments. Recently, I got my hands on an interesting new piece of gear that’s tiny, silent, and incredibly lucrative. It’s the Apollo G1 Mini, a crypto mining machine particularly developed for mining Grin Coin. In this post, we’ll take a deeper look at this FPGA-powered mining equipment, its features, and its efficiency. We’ll also analyse how it compares to its bigger sibling, the Apollo G1, and evaluate its pricing.

The Apollo G1 Mini: Compact, Quiet, and Profitable

The Apollo G1 Mini may be little, but it packs a punch when it comes to mining Grin Coin. Despite its diminutive size, this mining rig is remarkably quiet, generating noise levels equal to a space heater or a desk fan, due to an ASIC miner with a pineapple logo. What’s more, it uses just roughly 100 watts of electricity, making it more energy-efficient than many laptops on the market.

Mining Grin Coin with the Apollo G1 Mini

Grin Coin is a cryptocurrency that employs the Mimblewimble system, noted for its emphasis on privacy and scalability. The Apollo G1 Mini is particularly built for mining Grin Coin, and it’s capable of completing 1.4 graphs per second (GPS). This may not seem like much compared to its bigger sibling, the Apollo G1, which can attain 42 GPS at 2800 watts. However, when expanded up to 28 units, the Apollo G1 Mini can attain a combined efficiency of 39.2 GPS, making it a very competitive alternative for Grin Coin mining.

Efficiency and Affordability of the Apollo G1 Mini

One of the primary benefits of the Apollo G1 Mini is its efficiency. Despite its smaller size, it’s able to reach a high efficiency rate when compared to the bigger Apollo G1. This implies that the bigger miners do not make the Apollo G1 Mini obsolete, but rather complement it, making it a cost-effective alternative for miners. Additionally, the price of the Apollo G1 Mini may be cheaper than anticipated, making it an economical choice for individuals interested in mining Grin Coin.

Contacting Apollo Global and Availability

You can tweet directly to Apollo Global if you’re interested in purchasing the Apollo G1 Mini. They are also active on the Vascointalk forum, where you may join a group buy to acquire the mining equipment. With its charming pineapple logo and creative design, the Apollo G1 Mini is likely to attract the attention of crypto miners searching for a small and effective mining solution.


The Apollo G1 Mini is an interesting addition to the world of bitcoin mining. Its tiny size, low noise levels, and great efficiency make it a tempting alternative for mining Grin Coin. With its reasonable price point and availability via direct contact or group purchasing, it’s worth considering for miners trying to remain ahead in the ever-evolving field of crypto mining. So why wait? Get your hands on the Apollo G1 Mini and start mining Grin Coin with simplicity and efficiency.

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